Accent Eye Care LASIK Eye Surgery — FAQ

LASIK eye surgery is an extremely popular and often performed laser eye procedure to correct vision problems. While the procedure is very simple, there are questions and concerns about it.
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about LASIK eye surgery.

Why would I need it?
Instead of wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision, LASIK eye surgery is another option. Whether you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, LASIK is beneficial.

Is it painful?
The operation itself is designed for patients to not feel any pain. Patients are given medicine to relax before the operation begins. Numbing drops are put in your eyes to prevent any experienced pain. During the operation, a suction ring is placed on your eye, during which you will experience a slight feeling of pressure. Following the procedure, you might experience a bit of pain; however, your doctor should prescribe medication to treat this.

What are the risks?
The risk of losing your vision due to LASIK is extremely rare, but there are some risks and side effects. Common side effects include dry eyes and temporary visual problems, such as glare and blurriness. This should subside as your eyes heal from the procedure.
There are risks of under or overcorrections, in which you might not get the clearer vision results you had hoped for. With that being said, these can be corrected, but it should be made clear that overcorrections can be more difficult to fix than under corrections.

What is the success rate?
Over 80% (a little over 8/10) of people who have undergone a LASIK laser eye procedure have reported they no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Is it expensive?
LASIK eye surgery is an elective operation and may not be covered. It is most likely patients will have to pay out of pocket for the procedure.

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