Accent Eye Care How Video Games Improve Visual Processing

Video games have become rampant in these modern times since it has become easier to acquire digital
gadgets. Young children to adults have access to the internet and spend most of their leisure time online.
You may have heard of the Gamer Eye Syndrome and its negative effects. Now, let us discuss if Video
Games do have positive effects on us.

Studies show that gamers perform better compared to non-gamers when it comes to certain visual tasks
like managing distractors and identifying targets; which gives gamers some cognitive bonus points.
Playing video games improves visual skills and learning abilities too.

In perceptual learning, gamers have different visual processing. They develop quick and accurate visual
processing. They learn more efficiently and quickly as a result. This leads us to consider that video games
have good effects on perception and learning. Gamers have improved their combination of speed and
accuracy. They have an efficient process of hardwiring their visual tasks. Studies show that video games
improve cognitive functioning.

Playing action video games can improve visual processing and spatial recognition.
What is visual processing and why is it important?

Visual Processing is the ability to perceive, analyze and think with visual patterns and involves the ability
to store and recall visual representations via visual imagery and visual memory.

These skills are important because it is what our brain uses to make sense of what we see. Some areas
of visual processing skills include Math, reading, and writing. People with difficulty in visual processing
skills will experience poor eye movement, poor eye teaming and poor eye focusing skills. However, these
can be managed with vision therapy.

How about spatial recognition? What is it and why is it important?
Spatial recognition is the ability to understand and remember spatial relations among objects. It is the
ability to mentally generate and transform images; a skill naturally developed in males rather than

And now that we know that video games have good effects, remember to play moderately.
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Accent Eye Care How Video Games Improve Visual Processing