Accent Eye Care How the Modern Times Affect the Eyes

Accent Eye Care How the Modern Times Affect the Eyes  Just like any other part of the body, the eyes also need exercise through eye movement in order
for them to stay healthy. Our eyes easily move and easily adjust to changes in visual settings and
can view near to far moving objects. Before, eyes are used to hunt by spotting potential prey or
potential predators. And now during modern times, our eyes are mostly at computer
screens, digital phones, watching movies, doing office works, and playing video games.

These modern activities require a monotonous stiff stare during visual signal processing while the
eyes suffer from a lack of movement. Staring while concentrating on a narrow field of view causes
decreased drop of eye blinking, and why is eye blinking important? It is very significant for the
eyes because it keeps the eyes moist. You don’t want to be suffering from Dry Eyes, right?

The normal blink rate of an eye is 20 to 25 blinks per minute in order to have sufficient tears spread
around the eyes to keep it moist as a preventive measure against irritation and damage. But
what happens when there is a drop in the blink rate? The eye does not receive enough lubrication
that causes tear fluid to evaporate before it is replaced by the next blink. When starting at a
digital screen, it reduces the frequency of eye blinking to 1 to 2 blinks a minute. This low blink
rate is not sufficient enough to moisten the eyes.

Some people often complain about Dry Eyes with sensations of itching, burning, scratching, and
feeling like there is sand that is stuck on the eye. Other signs may also include eye strain, red
eyes, dry eyes, nausea, visual defects, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Malaise will also
occur. It is when there is a general feeling of discomfort or uneasiness that is difficult to identify.
The habits and hobbies we have developed in these modern times may have negative effects
on our eyes, but there is no need to sacrifice the things that you enjoy. Here at Accent Eye
Care, we can help you manage your eyes while you enjoy your hobbies!