Accent Eye Care Gamer Eye Syndrome

Are you often experiencing eyestrain, itchy eyes, burning eyes, red eyes, dry eyes, and visual
defects? Are you often on your digital screens such as television, computers, laptops, or phones
for extended periods of time?

These may be caused by excessive time spent on the digital screens without taking a break,
reflections and screen glare, poor lighting, and wrong screen distance.
Lubricant eye drops or artificial tears may help bring some temporary relief. Here are some
safety tips that you may apply to your gaming station.

Accent Eye Care Gamer Eye Syndrome

1. Take a break
The eyes also need exercise. It has to move just like any other body part to keep it healthy.
Look around often and allow your eyes to move and wander. Practice the 20-20-20 rule too.
Every 20 minutes, take a break by looking at an object at a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds.

2. Blink your eyes
Blinking moistens and cleans your eyes by spreading tears over the eye’s outer surface. It
keeps our eyes protected by closing it to keep away dust, irritants, bright light, and foreign

3. Allow proper lighting
Opt for low-level and glare-free lighting. Tone down intense and excessive lights. Use anti-glare
computer monitors or use glare filters. Glare and low screen contrast force your eyes to work
harder than usual thus causing stress to your eyes.

4. Keep Distance
Sit an arm’s length away from your screen. That will be about 25 inches away.

Gamers Eye Syndrome progresses slowly and you won’t even notice it or connect these
symptoms to the long periods of time spent looking at a digital screen. Some signs of it also
include headaches, dry eyes, and fatigue.