Accent Eye Care Eye protective choice is necessary for the office

There are potential eye hazards in nearly every industry. According to reports from the CDC, eye injuries alone cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses, and worker compensation in the US. As an office worker, the key danger to your eye health is high exposure to blue light from the time spent looking at computer screens in many office-based professions. In many offices, it is the norm for employees to spend their whole working day looking at computers.

Computer monitors and other electronic screens emit approximately 35% blue light which is 10% more than the midday sun. Furthermore, many people spend breaks on a smartphone and the evening watching television. These levels of exposure to blue light have the potential to irreversibly impact eye and general health.
Much can be done to reduce hazards in the workplace. Falling and flying debris should be reduced as well as small particles from chips and dust. The lighting of the office should be adapted to fit worker health and well-being. First aid kits should be readily available coupled with eyewash stations that should be positioned around the facility. Eye health best practices can be inculcated through eye safety policy, training, and drills. Evidence from eye doctors suggests that glasses and goggles designed for specific workplaces are the best way to protect eyes from a wide range of hazards.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that an estimated 90% of eye injuries are preventable with the use of proper safety eyewear. BLS reports that approximately three out of every five workers injured were not wearing eye protection, while others wore the wrong type of protection for the job. As a worker, you are strongly advised to protect yourself from on-the-job hazards that can cause eye injuries. At Accent Eye our opticians offer a wide selection of popular styles, designer brands and unique eyewear to suit your personality and unique style. Come by today.