Accent Eye Care What Are Your Options For Strabismus Treatment? | Accent Eyes

What Is Strabismus?

Otherwise known as crossed eyes, strabismus is a developmental condition where both eyes don’t look at the same place at the same time. Generally, it happens in people who have less than optimal eye muscle control or who are farsighted. In most people, the eyes work together to look at the same point at the same time. For those who have strabismus, this doesn’t happen. One of the eyes may turn during periods of tiredness, stress, or when someone is sick. In some instances, each eye takes turns rotating.

It can be challenging to treat this condition, but with the proper protocol and approach, it is possible. It’s vital that strabismus treatment occurs in patients of all ages; otherwise, the condition worsens.

Who Does Strabismus Affect?

It generally develops in young infants and small children, but has been shown to appear in adults as well. To avoid seeing double, proper eye muscle alignment is required. This is also important when considering depth perception, and to prevent poor vision in the eye which is turned.

Strabismus Treatment

Strabismus treatment generally includes wearing prism lenses. This is a special kind of lens that has a prism inside, which helps to alter the light entering the eye. In altering the amount of light, the amount of turning the eye has to do to view objects is also lessened. This is generally the most common treatment approach.

Eye muscle surgery and vision therapy are also two options to consider for strabismus treatment. Surgery can change or alter the length of the muscles around the eye, so objects appear visually correct. Vision therapy can help to train the eyes and brain to work together more efficiently, so the eyes don’t have to turn as often or as frequently. Both of these options help correct problems with eye movement, focus, and teaming.