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Accent Eye Care What Are Your Options For Strabismus Treatment? | Accent Eyes

What Is Strabismus? Otherwise known as crossed eyes, strabismus is a developmental condition where both eyes don’t look at the same place at the same time. Generally, it happens in people who have less than optimal eye muscle control or who are farsighted. In most people, the eyes work together to look at the same […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Therapy Exercises You Can Do At Home | Accent Eyes

What Is Vision Therapy? Vision therapy is a form of optical training through repeated exercises that are targeted to improve binocular vision, or the coordination between your eyes. Binocular vision is essential to depth perception. Vision therapy aims to overcome many vision disorders through the implementation of regular practice and exercise. Some of these conditions […]

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Most parents do not know the importance of child vision health. They have no idea when to bring their kids to an eye doctor. At Accent Eye Care, we can treat patients of all ages. We offer treatment for different kinds of pediatric eye conditions. Early detection of vision problem is important because most often children can […]

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Accent Eye Care How Can Vision Therapy Treat Convergence Insufficiency?

What is Convergence Insufficiency? Convergence insufficiency affects the way in which your eyes work as a team. Have you ever noticed that you get double vision when focusing on nearby objects? The most likely cause of this is convergence insufficiency; it causes your eyes to drift outward instead of inward creating a blurred image. The […]

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