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Best Eye Exams Near Me

When you are seeking eye care in North Phoenix, look no further than Accent Eye Care. We are the city’s leading provider of corrective lenses, ocular treatments, and vision training services. If you live in North Phoenix and need a nearby eye exam, then call us today!

Since you only have one set of eyes, you deserve the best eye exam possible. A full-scale optometry exam is going to check for more than just blurry vision. It’s an essential part of your overall health. Serious problems like diabetes and high blood pressure are often first diagnosed during an eye exam. At Accent Eyes, our passion for clear vision provides you with the best nearby eye exams in Phoenix.

When you schedule an eye exam with Accent Eyes, know that you’re in good hands. Our three optometrists have over thirty years of combined experience, with focused treatment on a variety of eye related conditions.

At Accent Eyes, we understand that the best eye exam isn’t just about testing your eyes. It’s also about listening to you. The strain that your unique eyes experience on a daily basis will help us design the best treatment plan for you. We can help with a variety of eye-related conditions ranging from sports related injury to dry eyes, surgical intervention, and everything in between.
During your exam, our team of experts will perform a variety of tests all designed to evaluate the health of your eyes. The best eye exam includes a visual acuity test and a color blindness test. Both are essential to measure the ability of your eyes and determine if you might need corrective lenses. A depth perception test is usually performed last.

Longstanding Optical Experts

Exceptional eyes deserve exceptional care. Accent Eyes is your premier North Phoenix eye care treatment office. Drs. Gong, Dr. Bushman, and Dr. Trinh have over thirty years of combined experience ready to provide thorough examinations and comprehensive eye care.

Our goal at Accent Eyes is to create a comfortable environment for optical care by treating every patient like family. This is what makes your experience at our north Phoenix eye care office truly exceptional. Our eye care services are available to all ages, making us the perfect solution for family visits!

Acccent Eyes provides a complete array of eye care related services. From dedicated sports injury related treatment to corneal transplants, to routine eye care and depth perception testing, we have all of the equipment and testing capabilities to meet your needs. No matter if, you have a specific vision related injury or it’s just time for your annual exam, we’re here to help ensure your vision is crystal clear.

We prescribe all the leading brands of contacts, including multifocal and astigmatism corrective lenses. Our team is very experienced at fitting scleral content lenses and lenses prescribed to treat keratoconus.

Our team of experts at Accent Eye Care is here to support you with your insurance related and billing questions. We will do everything we can to make your visit to our north Phoenix eye care office simple and easy. We are fully dedicated to making sure that you get the best care possible.