Accent Eye Care Blue Light and UV Light, are they Harmful?

Many people have heard about UV Light. In this digital age, more people are learning about Blue Light. There are some distinct differences between these two types of light, but the more pressing question is, ‘which is more damaging?’
Learn more educational facts about each kind of light and a verdict on which may be worse.
UV Light.
Many people know that UV Light comes from the sunlight. However, you can also be exposed to it in tanning beds. UV Light is a non-visible light in the light spectrum and naturally comes from the sun though tanning beds try to mimic it. It consists of short wavelengths of light, which typically have more energy than most light waves. UV exposure isn’t the same and varies depending on the type of UV, the time of the day, and the season. When absorbed in moderation, it can help the body produce Vitamin D, which is necessary for our bones.
Blue Light
The sun produces Blue Light as well, but unlike UV Light, Blue Light is part of visible light in the light spectrum. In addition, it is very close to UV Light. Besides the sun, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) also emit blue light. Any LED screen you use, for example, your tablet or your kindle, emits Blue Light. Of the lights in the visible light spectrum, Blue Light has the highest energy. In small doses, Blue light will not damage the eye, but cumulative exposure can.
Which causes more harm?
Blue light may cause more harm than UV light. The reason is two-fold.
1. UV Light does not reach the retina most of the time, and generally, the eye can protect itself from it.
2. Blue light is High-energy Visible (HEV) light that penetrates the eye deeper than UV light and can damage the retina progressively.
Despite the fact that one of the lights may be more harmful than the other, you must take the necessary preventative measures against both. This includes the recommended annual eye examinations and vision screenings. Keep your eyes as healthy as possible and visit on of our trained professionals at Accent Eyes today.