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Accent Eye Care Vision Care Facility

Vision Care Facility At our vision care facility, vision is vastly important in our everyday lives and nobody knows that better than the vision care facility at Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision. Their eye doctors and staff want each and individual person to feel comfortable and offer the highest quality of care. This includes […]

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Accent Eye Care Accent Eyes Quality Vision Services | North Phoenix Optometrist

We all have vision problems, right? Some people who are born with 20/20 vision can see very well. Others are born with blurry visions and need glasses at a very young age. Today, more Americans need some sort of vision correction than ever before. At Accent Eyes, we provide advanced vision correction through innovative technologies, […]

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Accent Eye Care BlephEx | Dry Eye and Blepharitis Treatment

The reason that the BlephEx treatment is so successful is that it completely removes the exotoxin/lipase/super-antigen laden biofilm along the lid margin. This biofilm has been building up on our patient’s lids for decades, causing low-grade inflammation and slowly tearing down and degrading tear production. For some of you who do BlephEx with us, when […]

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Accent Eye Care How To Read Your Glasses Prescription

Everybody is Wearing Glasses Glasses have become something of a fad at this point, with over 60% of adult Americans wearing them now. They’re definitely in style but you also need them. Having clear vision is far more than just a luxury. Many Americans love and need their prescription glasses to enjoy seeing their visual activities […]

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Accent Eye Care 7 Ways You Can Improve Your Eye Health | Accent Eye Care

Check Your Diet and Watch Your Weight We all know how food affects our health. And I’m sure you’ve heard the deep rooted rumor that carrots are the best food for your eyes. But the reality isn’t as simple as that. Recent studies have shown that carrots are no longer the king of Vitamin A. […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Health | How To Maintain Great Eyesight | Accent Eye Care

Vision is an essential part of everyday life, yet millions of Americans live with ocular impairment and don’t practice vision health. This puts many at risk of injury and disease. The goal at Accent Eye Care is to provide the highest quality vision care, eyewear, exams, therapy, and more to Phoenix, Arizona. Our eye care […]

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Accent Eye Care Find the Best Contacts in Phoenix with Accent Eye Care

For the best contacts in Phoenix come down to our vision center to browse our large selection of prescription lenses and custom contacts. We have a variety of options for vision correction including RGP and Paragon CRT lenses. Call our doctors today at 602.547.3255 to find out what type of lenses are best for you. Why […]

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Accent Eye Care Family Vision Care From the Best Optometrist in Phoenix

A Vision Center That Meets All of Your Needs Your eyes are far more important to your quality of life than you might realize. Everything from focusing in class to playing sports hinges on your ability to see clearly and process that information. Therefore, it’s imperative that you only trust your eyes with the best […]

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