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Accent Eye Care Phoenix Vision Treatment Center

How to choose an eye treatment center? Eye care is often an important overlooked aspect of general health. It is therefore essential to find a good eye doctor. You need to be sure that whomever you choose is competent and board certified. Our Phoenix vision treatment center has qualified and well trained eye doctors who […]

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Accent Eye Care 10 Eye Health Tips To Make Your Clear Vision Last!

Today, more than 60% of all Americans wear eyeglasses. With the increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives we spend most of our time sitting down, in front of a screen, staring. It makes our lives faster and more convenient, but we put our eyes under a lot of unnecessary strain and don’t get […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Supplements | Finding the Right Balance For Your Eyes

What Micro-Nutrients Make Up Healthy Vision? Your body needs a variety of many micro-nutrients that are found in our everyday diet. Some of these are particularly important for eye development and health. Here are a few vitamins that play key roles in your vision. Vitamin A – A vision critical vitamin that provides rhodopsin, a […]

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Accent Eye Care Why Do So Many People Have Vision Problems Now?

The Digital Age Since the seventies the rate of Myopia has increased by nearly 60%. Now, over half of all Americans wear glasses. And that’s not even counting the people that wear contacts or have other forms of vision correction. In total it comes out to around 75% of U.S. citizens. A major contributing factor […]

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Accent Eye Care 7 Ways You Can Improve Your Eye Health | Accent Eye Care

Check Your Diet and Watch Your Weight We all know how food affects our health. And I’m sure you’ve heard the deep rooted rumor that carrots are the best food for your eyes. But the reality isn’t as simple as that. Recent studies have shown that carrots are no longer the king of Vitamin A. […]

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Accent Eye Care Useful Tips for Finding the Best Family Eye Care in Phoenix!

Visiting your eye doctor should be as routine as any other checkup, so finding the best family eye care in Phoenix is a very important health care decision. After all, you are entrusting the most delicate organ in your body to someone you don’t know. But the right optometrist can make you feel comfortable and […]

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