Accent Eye Care Useful Tips for Finding the Best Family Eye Care in Phoenix!

Visiting your eye doctor should be as routine as any other checkup, so finding the best family eye care in Phoenix is a very important health care decision. After all, you are entrusting the most delicate organ in your body to someone you don’t know. But the right optometrist can make you feel comfortable and confident while also providing the essential eye care services you and your family need. Accent Eye Care is here to walk you through the basics of finding the best family eye care in Phoenix to suit your needs.

What Type of Eye Doctor Do You Need?

Depending on the reason for your visit, you may need a specific type of eye doctor. They can be separated into two basic categories.

  1. Optometrist – These specialists are your general eye care experts. If you need a diagnosis, prescription, or basic checkup then an optometrist is the best option for you. They typically have a basic degree and four years of Optometry school.
  2. Ophthalmologist – Ophthalmologists are closer to a treatment specialist, with four years of medical school and having finished a residency program. They mostly diagnose and treat eye diseases as well as perform surgery.

When deciding on your preferred eye doctor take into consideration the type of care you need. Of course, an Ophthalmologist will always be able to assist you and can perform most of the same duties as an optometrist. However, if all you need is a simple checkup then that might be a bit excessive. You wouldn’t go to a trained surgeon for all of your medical checkups would you?

Finding The Best Family Eye Care Specialist

Finding the best family eye care in Phoenix isn’t just about the type of service you need. A good doctor can diagnose, prescribe, and perform basic checkups; But a great doctor fits your availability, makes you feel comfortable, and takes no risks when it comes to the safety of your eyes.

Here at Accent Eye Care we are proud of the personalized family experience we provide. Few Phoenix optometrists have received the amount love and praise we get from our wonderful clients. Due to our comprehensive vision therapy program we spend a lot of time getting to know our patients and they are happy to know that their eyes are in safe hands. We always keep our equipment up to date with the latest optometric technology so you know you’re receiving the best family eye care in Phoenix.