Accent Eye Care Why Do So Many People Have Vision Problems Now?

The Digital Age

Since the seventies the rate of Myopia has increased by nearly 60%. Now, over half of all Americans wear glasses. And that’s not even counting the people that wear contacts or have other forms of vision correction. In total it comes out to around 75% of U.S. citizens. A major contributing factor of this is the relatively recent introduction of popularly accessible computers and smartphones. Now, over 75% of U.S. adults say they own a smartphone. (coincidence?) Add 8 hours of work in an office plopped in front of a computer everyday and you have the perfect recipe for strained blurry vision.

Sunlight Awareness

Thanks to the major spike in job opportunities within the tech industry, and more and more people spending their free time watching T.V. or playing video games sunlight has become sort of an unfamiliar micronutrient. However, recent studies have shown that a lack of direct sunlight can reshape the eye and impair sight. Most commonly it causes myopia but other vision problems can occur without the proper exposure. But more sunlight isn’t always better. Too much sun can form cataracts or even begin the development of cancer. The key is to find a happy balance. Always carry a pair of 99-100% resistant sunglasses and avoid midday sun. But don’t avoid going outside. The sun provides essential nutrients that make our eyes strong.


Many vision problems could stem from your family tree. Genes have been linked to eye diseases such as myopia, hyperopia, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, AMD, amblyopia, and much more. There are two possible ways genetics could cause Myopia or some other ocular condition: It could simply be passed down to you or it could cause some other effect that makes your eyes more susceptible to diseases. If you’re worried about your family’s vision history then visit one of our professional optometrists at Accent Eye Care. Many serious optical conditions could easily be prevented if more parents brought their children in for an exam at 6 months.