Sports Vision Screening is an optical training for athletes done with the aim of making their visual abilities better. These abilities are crucial as they help the athletes become exceptional in their sports. Among these skills are focusing, peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, and tracking. Activities done in this screening are customized for each athlete and the sport they play. For instance, if a player in the Arizona Wildcats Men’s Basketball team would like to improve his dynamic visual acuity or eye-hand coordination, his screening program will be different from that of a tennis player.

According to research, 80% of the things we learn are from the visual system. Sports takes this percentage higher since the eyes dictate the body’s dynamic movements. Data collected from Olympic and Junior Olympic level’s screenings show that the visual systems greatly contributed to the victory of those athletes who took home medals. Sports Vision Screening can help us predict an athlete’s performance level in their sport as well as improve it. A lot of athletes find that amazing.

Other statistics from the screenings showed that: 12% of the athletes had inaccurate abilities in eye movement, 25% had reduced depth perception, and 30% had vision below 20/20. These visual difficulties can bring a lot of complications to an athlete on the field. But, there is hope, especially if you are an athlete in Arizona. Sports Vision Screening at Accent Eyes can identify and rectify visual complications. Just like many coaches, you will be amazed by how much we can predict just by looking at screening results.

Are you being a very hardworking athlete that never seem to reach your performance goals? Chances are you may have a visual problem that limits your performance. Accent Eyes Sports Vision Screening will help you fix the problem and get you a step closer to your success.

Being great fans and supporters of sports, we at Accent Eyes offer Sports Vision Screening to our valued clients. Since we care about our clientele, these services are offered at very affordable prices. For more information, check out our site or pay us a visit at our clinic at Arizona.