When the brain is injured from violent shaking, the victim will suffer from a concussion. This injury can occur when the head is hit directly or during rapid changes in movement. When this hitting or shaking of the head occurs, erratic injury can happen to any part of the brain and lead to instant or delayed changes in the chemistry and functioning of the brain. The concussion may lead to temporary or permanent brain problems depending on which part of the brain has been injured. That is why concussion therapy is best done as soon as possible.

Concussions can happen at any time, at any age. It may be caused by a number of occurrences like falls, motor vehicle accidents like whiplash, accidents at work like head trauma, sports injuries to the neck or head, accidents on playgrounds, being too close to an explosion, violent cases like physical abuse, domestic violence, assault, or direct blow to the face, neck, or head.

Therapy may take a while as concussion recovery may take several weeks, months, or even years in some cases. All this depends on several factors like how severe the injury is as well as the victim’s age.

The concussion therapy can be done in two ways: medication and active rehabilitation. Medication should be considered as a last resort as it does not deal with the key issues. It can, however, make the symptoms more bearable. Active rehabilitation is so far the best kind of concussion therapy. It is multidisciplinary thus needs a lot of involvement from the doctor.

At Accent Eyes in the BelAir area, we do a kombi of both cognitive and physical therapy. Our concussion therapy is designed to hassle the brain enough for it to go back to more optimum neural paths. To do so, we take a multidisciplinary approach in our concussion therapy. Our clinic in the BelAir area has a clinical neuropsychologist, a neurosurgeon, a clinical psychologist, a neuroradiologist, DynaVision specialists, several neuromuscular therapists, several occupational therapists, as well as several neurocognitive therapists.

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