Most parents do not know the importance of child vision health. They have no idea when to bring their kids to an eye doctor. At Accent Eye Care, we can treat patients of all ages. We offer treatment for different kinds of pediatric eye conditions. Early detection of vision problem is important because most often children can respond more to treatment.

Are Learning Disabilities Caused By Vision Problems?

If a child has a learning disability, then most parents don’t automatically conclude that there is something wrong with their eyes. Learning disabilities such as dyslexia may occur when the child’s brain is having difficulty in storing or processing information. However, not all learning disabilities are caused by child vision health problems.

If your child has a learning disability and you suspect that it is caused by a child vision health problem then you should see an Optometrist right away. At Accent Eye Center, we can assess and treat children who have vision problems.

What Is Convergence Insufficiency?

There are some children who suffer from convergence insufficiency.  This occurs when your child is having a hard time performing near field tasks. They may feel uncomfortable while reading. In the past,  convergence insufficiency disorder was not quickly recognized since it was not included in eye exams. The best treatment for convergence insufficiency is visual therapy. Visit Accent Eye Care to get your visual therapy treatment for convergence insufficiency. To know more about child vision health, just call 602.547.3255.

How Vision Therapy Works

Vision restoration therapy is not a type of eye exercise or an eye muscle strengthening procedure. It is a medical process aimed to improve the neuromuscular control of the visual brain. Several studies show that patients who participate in vision therapy have enjoyed an excellent improvement in their visual function.  Vision therapy can help children who have child vision health problems improve their performance in school.

How To Treat Child Vision Health Problems

There are some vision problems that can be easily corrected. For instance, refractive errors including astigmatism, far-sightedness, and near-sightedness can be corrected by wearing glasses. This can help your child in reading effectively and perform much better in school. To find out the best way to treat vision problems in your child, visit us at Accent Eye Care.