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Our eyes are one of our major access points to the outside world. It’s important that we keep them healthy and give them the best care possible. Proper eye care focuses on maintaining eye clarity and visual skills, clarity being sharp vision and visual skills being the eye muscles working together. When your eyes’ visual skills don’t develop properly, it can result in disorders such as convergence insufficiency.

What Is Convergence Insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency is an eye disorder stemming from a problem with visual skills. This disorder is characterized by the eyes’ lack of muscular communication, causing outward eye crossing. It can make seeing nearby objects difficult and cause double vision, eye strain, and headaches. Luckily, there are convergence insufficiency treatments right in Phoenix.

Vision Therapy Treatments

Surgery is not typically necessary to treat convergence insufficiency. Only in extreme cases will an eye doctor encourage surgery to correct this disorder. Rather, vision therapies are recommended for many patients with convergence insufficiency.

Vision therapies can be very successful as treatments for convergence therapy in Phoenix. Eye care professionals will often prescribe patients with specific exercises meant to strengthen eye coordination to help treat the disorder. One exercise traditionally used to combat convergence insufficiency is bringing objects close to the face while following them with the eyes, then pushing them farther away. This action is repeated a number of times to help strengthen the eyes for better close-up vision.

Living in the digital age, there are also computer programs designed to help treat convergence insufficiency. These programs can sometimes even be done from home, helping patients perform treatment on their own time.

Vision Training in Office and at Home

Traditional exercises can be performed at home in addition to the use of computer programs. Some doctors will treat you in-office, while others may request you keep up treatment on your own. However, if you’re doing exercises at home, make sure you check in with an eye care professional to make sure you’re performing your Phoenix convergence insufficiency treatment correctly. Phoenix doctors will be able to track your progress and guide you toward visual success.