How Does Vision Therapy Work?

Vision therapy is a targeted treatment that aims to improve motor skills by training the brain to move the eyes together more effectively. Many common issues such as double vision, blurriness, loss of focus, and convergence insufficiency stem from a lack of control. Here at Accent Eye Care we aim to improve this through lens correction, computer training, and optical exercises designed to reinforce the automatic adjustments your eyes make. It is a very effective, non-surgical treatment that has many medical benefits for patients with learning disabilities, brain trauma, and common vision problems like strabismus.

What Can Vision Therapy Treat?

Our Phoenix optometrists provide vision therapy sessions that include exercises which are designed to enhance your eyes’ teamwork and coordination. This improves your ability to:

  • Track targets
  • Focus on objects
  • Move your eyes accurately
  • Process information
  • Keep your eyes alligned

This is a very effective way of treating common visual problems like:

  • Lazy eye
  • Convergence insufficiency
  • Crossed eyes

Vision therapy can even treat learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD. Many of the visual shortcomings involved in VT have been linked to these common academic hurdles.

Vision Therapy and Trauma Recovery

Head injuries such as concussions can cause lasting damage that affects your ability to control your eyes. This can reduce your effectiveness in all facets of everyday life. Common activities like driving, reading, school, and work all become a chore when everything appears blurry and double. Our Phoenix optometrists are experts in effectively treating the visual shortcomings caused by brain trauma through non-surgical practices. Trust your concussion vision therapy to the best Phoenix Optometrists!

Best Phoenix Optometrist

Here at Accent Eye Care our primary focus is to deliver services that are safe and accessible to all ages. We provide programs that can help children, adults, and seniors perform to the best of their ability without the struggle of poor vision coordination. If you have any questions about vision therapy don’t hesitate to call us today at 602-547-3255.