Accent Eye Care Symptoms of Eye Fatigue

This is the aching, tiredness and heating up experienced on the eyes caused by the eyes being overworked way past its capability and not being able to receive enough rest, hydration and protection due to over exposure to harmful rays, computer screens and pollutants. Common cause of Eye Fatigue is looking at a computer screen for a long duration of time; this might be a familiar experience to students with online classes and adults doing office work on their computers. Over exposure to computers is not the only main cause of this but also television screen and mobile phones.

Muscle fatigue causes Eye Fatigue. Inside the eye, there is a ciliary muscle that adjusts the eye lens that focuses objects and their distance. When strained, overworked and overused beyond its capacity, it experiences a hard time on focusing objects because staring at something at a longer period of time prevents ciliary muscles to contract and relax which makes it difficult to adjust lenses for clear vision. Eye muscles also need time to rest and relax.

There is a disease called Ocular Surface Disease which causes the eye’s surface film to dry out than usual due to lack of enough natural lubrication which can make the eye prone to tear. The eye dryness leads to the eyes feeling tired and drained which leads to troubles in focusing objects clearly.

Another risk factor include overexposure to computer and mobile phone screens with brightness level that aren’t properly managed (such as too bright or too low) which leads to the eyes feeling tired and drained also. Avoid also looking at fluorescent lights and always make sure that the light from computer or TV screens is comfortable for the eyes.

Signs of eye fatigue include distorted vision, blurred vision, frequently seeing double vision, feeling eye dryness, eyes appearing as red or pink, warm feeling on the eyes, soreness on the eyes when closed, frequent headaches and teary eyes. Experiencing tightness on the temples, neck and back may also be a symptom of Eye Fatigue.

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