Accent Eye Care Phoenix Vision Treatment


In Phoenix vision treatment, we take your optic health seriously. You might recognize the importance of eye care, but may not know when to go for an eye test or how often to go for one.
Experts recommend that people between the ages (16 to 60) should take eye tests every two years and people above 60 should take eye tests annually.
This is of course very general as there are some exceptions. The exceptions are adults who are ‘at risk’.

Some of these at risk factors include

• Previous eye surgery
• Diabetes and/or high blood pressure
• A history of eye disease (glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.) in previous generations.
• A visually demanding job or a job that may potentially threaten your visual health. A chemical plant is a good example.
This population needs to see their doctor for a recommendation about how frequently they should have their eyes tested.
If you are not sure about how often either your children or parents should take eye tests, consult our specialists in the Phoenix vision treatment.

Briefly, here are some signs that you should schedule an appointment with Phoenix vision treatment

1. If you find that your eyes are dry, itchy, or you are seeing spots or floaters, this is probably sign of a bigger problem. You should visit our vision treatment center in Phoenix.
2. In addition, if you notice any degree of change in your vision, especially after head trauma, you should probably visit an eye doctor.
3. If you have diabetes or have a family history of conditions like diabetes or glaucoma, you may need to take eye tests more often. Especially if you are above 50.
4. If you have trouble following a moving target.
Your doctor knows best. If you notice any of the above or you notice anything strange, you would do well to talk to your doctor.