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Sometimes, because of factors out of your control, your eyes do not function at full capacity and your vision blurs or fades. In extreme cases, you can go blind. That is why annual eye appointments are necessary.
However, in the instances where you notice that your eyes do not function as well as they used to, you should look for organizations or people that specialize in visual correction.

Our Phoenix vision correction team has qualified professionals who are here to provide you and your family the very best in diagnostic eye care methods. They care about their patients.
When going for a test or diagnosis, here are some things that you should do in preparation for your meeting with the Phoenix vision correction team.

  •  Bring your medicines along with you
  •  Take your prescribed contacts and glasses with you.
  •  List some of the questions you want to ask your doctor. It does not hurt to be prepared.

Some of the tests you can expect include

 Glaucoma testing: This test is one of the most popular eye tests. It is usually done using the tonometer and the non-contact tonometer. While the former is more accurate, they both operate using air.

Visual acuity test: This test is actually quite common too. You will be required to read a chart with letters that get smaller as you read down. You will also be asked to read it in turn with either eye closed until you cannot read the letters anymore.

 Eye muscle movement test: This test checks the alignment of your eyes. The doctor will watch your eyes follow a target like a fingertip as it moves.

 Slit lam: This device lights up the frontal area of your eyes. The doctor uses it to check your cornea, iris, and lens, looking for symptoms of certain eye conditions.

For all your eye care needs, the Phoenix vision correction team is here to service you and your family. Book an appointment today!