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Accent Eye Care NEUROLENS

Signs and Symptoms: Binocular Vision Dysfunction is where the eyes aren’t perfectly working in tandem at all times, causing alignment and misalignment to the eyes so they struggle to work as a team. This does not create a clear picture for the person of what they are looking at, whether it’s working from a laptop […]

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Accent Eye Care Silverstone SS OCT

The Silverstone SS OCT is a powerful and innovative technology that is revolutionizing and becoming the gold standard in today’s retinal imaging industry. It is the only one of its kind that has an ultra-widefield (UWF) imaging device with integrated swept-source OCT. It captures a retinal image with unrivaled, crystal clear, clarity in less than […]

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Accent Eye Care Phoenix Vision Treatment

WHEN YOU SHOULD SEE AN EYE DOCTOR AT PHOENIX VISION TREATMENT In Phoenix vision treatment, we take your optic health seriously. You might recognize the importance of eye care, but may not know when to go for an eye test or how often to go for one. Experts recommend that people between the ages (16 […]

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Accent Eye Care The Leading Phoenix Cataract Treatment Center | Accent Eyes

Cataracts are one of the most common ocular diseases today. While it is primarily age related, many other factors can contribute to clouding the lens. To prevent blurry vision from Cataracts schedule an eye exam with our Phoenix Cataract treatment specialists today at 602.547.3255. What Exactly Are Cataracts? To start, Cataracts are generally defined as the […]

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