Whether you’re looking for eye care, eye wear, or eye exams, Accent Eyes’ staff strives to provide the best service possible to North Phoenix and the surrounding communities.

Dr. Aleta Gong

Our founding optometrist, Dr. Aleta Gong, is board certified with the American Academy of Optometry. She has worked with patients suffering from cornea related conditions such as keratoconus since 1995. Dr. Gong specializes in rehabilitative vision procedures, including corneal transplants and irregular astigmatism treatments. Since 2001, she has served as the state doctor in the Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program. With over 20 years of field experience, Dr. Gong is one of North Phoenix’s leading optical experts.

Dr. Eric Bushman

Though he’s lived all over the world, Dr. Eric Bushman calls Utah home and most recently has relocated to Phoenix. He attended Midwestern University where he earned a doctorate in optometry and graduated with honors. Dr. Bushman gained experience working in a variety of clinical settings, most notably at the Veteran’s Affairs eye clinic in New Jersey. Dr. Bushman’s passion lies in understanding the connection between hand-eye coordination. As an optical expert in North Phoenix, Dr. Bushman brings his unique perspective and treatment approach to Accent Eye.

Dr. Trinh

Dr. Trinh has been an integral part of the Accent Eye team for years. Her interest is most notably within the pre-and post-surgical care scope. Following the successful completion of her internship with the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma, Dr. Trinh’s professional interests blossomed to include the management of ocular disorders. Having worked at multi-disciplinary practices in Texas and Arizona, Dr. Trinh has a vested interest in refractive and cataract surgery interventions. Combined, these qualifications make Dr. Trinh a leading optical expert in Phoenix, Arizona.

In addition to the talent that each of these practitioners bring to Accent Eye Care, we have a team of vision therapists and opticians all dedicated to bringing you the optical expert service you deserve.