Accent Eye Care Disposable contact lenses and eye infections

Disposable contact lenses are single-use lenses removed at the end of the day; a fresh pair is applied to the eyes the following morning. They are also referred to as daily contact lenses and are becoming for their convenience benefits. Consider the following before using disposable contact lenses.

“Daily wear” and “daily disposable” do not mean the same thing. You should remove a daily wear lens before sleeping because it is not FDA approved for extended overnight wear. Disposable doesn’t always signify single-use. Daily wear lenses, discarded fortnightly, are also called disposable.

If worn correctly, contact lenses are safe; if worn in the wrong way, they can be dangerous. When you wear contacts longer than necessary, you have a higher risk of contracting an eye infection. It is best to remove your contact lens as soon as possible before going to bed to give your eyes a chance to breathe. Many studies reveal that over half of contact lens users are not compliant with the prescribed method for wearing and cleaning their lenses.

One of the common eye infections contracted due to contamination is Staphylococci. It is a common bacteria that takes on different pathogenic varieties. Infections caused by it can cause pus formation in the skin and mucous membrane. Disposable contact lenses, used wrongly, also cause eye infections like keratitis and corneal conjunctivitis.

Call Accent Eyes immediately to seek medical attention if the symptoms become severe to avoid pain or loss of eyesight. The earlier you treat an eye infection, the less likely you are to experience complications. We have board certified opticians, ophthalmologists, and surgeons, with years of experience.

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