Accent Eye Care Contact Lens Eye Exam: Basic Facts

A contact lens eye exam is necessary if you are interested in wearing a contact lens. It requires more specialized testing, designed to know the exact kind of lenses you need and how they will interact with your eyes. Eye exams for contact lenses are not the same as ordinary eye exams. Prescriptions for wearing glasses do not apply to contact lenses because additional tests and measurements are needed to get the right lenses for you.

Carefully consider your eye’s health before using contact lenses. It is why you should visit an optician for an eye test every two years. If you wear contact lenses, you may be required to do a test every six months. Contact lens eye exams, including ordinary eye exams, are essential because they can detect problems early, including underlying health issues like high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

You will undergo contact lens fitting to determine the ideal lenses for your eyes, in addition to looking out for conditions or issues you should be aware of while using them. Your contact lenses will be unique to you because every eye is unique. Hence, the optician measures your eyes to get the right fit.

Some of the things to expect during a contact lens fitting include taking the measurements off your cornea, pupil, and iris. The optician will also evaluate your eye surface and tear film. You have to show your optician that you are capable of putting your contacts in and out. s/he will guide you through the whole process. A biomicroscope will show how the lens sits on your eye and observe its movement as your eyes move. It is also for follow-up eye exams to assess the impact of the contact lens on your eyes.

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