Vision therapy is one of the most effective treatments for visual problems. This is a non-surgical procedure that can help in treating double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eyes and many more. Phoenix Vision Therapy is also beneficial for kids who have reading and learning disabilities.

Why Is Phoenix Vision Therapy Controversial?

Generally, vision therapy is designed for children who are having difficulties in reading. It is commonly prescribed by optometrists but not by ophthalmologists. Most optometrists believe that Phoenix vision therapy plays an important role in treating certain kinds of learning disabilities.

Learning Disabilities & Phoenix Vision Therapy

Optometrists explain that children with learning disabilities are also suffering from vision problems. This is the cause for their learning problems. They understand that these learning incapacities that are related to vision problems might be successfully cured with Phoenix vision therapy. They further affirmed that this could enhance the overall learning capability of a child.

Is Phoenix Vision Therapy Safe For Everyone?

Vision Therapy is safe and effective for both children and adults. This visual training is an individualized treatment program commonly supervised by an optometrist.  At Accent Eye Care, we conduct Vision Therapy once a week in our eye care office. You can assure that this treatment is customized according to each individual’s visual needs.

Benefits of Phoenix Vision Therapy

Here are some of the major benefits of vision therapy that patients at Accent Eye Care can receive.

One of the major benefits of vision therapy is the treatment of children’s learning disabilities. It can also treat amblyopia and Strabismus. Amblyopia, which is also known as “lazy eye,” is a type of visual problem wherein the eye is incapable of achieving normal visual acuity. Strabismus occurs when the eyes are not accurately aligned while reading. Phoenix vision therapy can help in effectively treating these eye ailments compared to eyeglasses and eye surgery.

The first thing to do is to get a comprehensive eye exam. After the eye exam, we can determine if your vision problems can be treated by vision therapy. To make an appointment, just call 602 547 3255.