At Accent Eye Care, we provide excellent family vision care to all patients regardless of their age. Our doctors and staff will spend quality time with each patient to help us determine your specific visual needs.

What Is Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an effective treatment for various eye problems.  This family vision care treatment involves the eyes, brain, and body. Keep in mind that vision therapy is not just an eye exercise. Rather, it is a certain type of neurological training that trains your brain to use your eyes effectively. Scientific research shows that patients who are treated with vision therapy show an improvement in their visual capability. Optometric Vision Therapy is part of our family vision care and we offer it once a week. For more information, you can visit us at our eye care office in Phoenix.

Can Adults And Children Benefit From Vision Therapy

Most people believe that vision therapy is just for children. However, this is merely a misunderstanding. The truth is vision therapy is a family vision care that can also help adult patients who are suffering from various eye conditions. It can help in treating amblyopia, strabismus, and double vision. Vision therapy is not only for children but also for adults with vision problems. If you suspect that you have a vision problem, then you can consult our optometrist. The visual treatment method may vary depending on your eye condition.

The family vision care at Accent Eye Care specializes in vision therapy. It is composed of various eye exercises that are designed to improve your vision. Vision therapy can help your child’s eyes to work competently so they can improve their capability in reading, writing, and other tasks.

Accent Eye Care offers a variety of family vision care services including eye testing, vision therapy, treating eye problems, and many more. We make sure that we can provide you and your family with the best eye care treatment.