Accent Eye Care Understanding The Different Kinds Of Eye Care Specialists

Do You Know What Kind Of Eye Care Specialist You Are Looking For?

Eye care is important, and just as important is your choice of eye specialist. Selecting the right specialist for your eyes can be the difference between healthy eyes and damaged ones. Before you select your eye care specialist, understand the different types of specialists and what they do.

There is often confusion surrounding different eye care specialists like opticians, ophthalmologists, and optometrists. These doctors may sound similar but have varying specialties and responsibilities. Based your eye care needs, one doctor may be better for you than another. Review the definitions and abilities of each eye care specialist and determine which one is best for your eyes.


An optician is an eye specialist that fills prescriptions and gives out eye care devices such as glasses and contacts. These specialists finish and fit eye glasses for customers. Some states require opticians to acquire licenses and the typical optician training on-the-job. If you need a prescription filled, visit an optician.


Optometrists place their emphasis on the health of the eyes and visual structures. They test for diseases and disorders, treat these conditions, and can prescribe glasses and contacts to patients. Optometrists focus on eye disease management and work to keep their patients’ eyes as healthy as possible. For their training, optometrists earn bachelor’s degrees and then continue onto optometry school to earn their Doctor of Optometry degrees. If you’re concerned about your eye health, you can see an optometrist.


Ophthalmologists have the responsibilities of both opticians and optometrists, meaning they can diagnose and treat eye conditions. They can identify eye diseases and disorders, prescribe glasses and contacts, and even perform eye surgery. Ophthalmologists get undergraduate degrees, attend medical school, work one year as interns, and then go into three-year residency programs in ophthalmology. These eye specialists can take care of all your eye care needs and are therefore great options if you’re in need of any eye treatment.