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Accent Eye Care Hyperopia | Accent Eye Care

Hyperopia Although it is medically referred to as hyperopia or hypermetropia, laypeople often refer to this condition as long-sightedness or far-sightedness. It is a type refractive error that causes light rays to focus behind the retina rather than on the retina as in the case of a person with normal eyesight. This makes closer objects […]

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Accent Eye Care Treating Eye Conditions

Accent Eyes Treating Eye Conditions Most people will experience some sort of an eye related condition in their lifetime. From the classic childhood malady of pink eye to dry eyes in adult hood and everything in between, there are plenty of options when it comes to treating eye conditions. It’s never too late to start […]

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Accent Eye Care Night Blindness | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes Night Blindness Night blindness is a type of vision impairment that makes it difficult to see at night or in poorly lit or dim environments. This condition is often misunderstood, as it implies that you’re unable to see at night. This isn’t accurate, since it’s more likely you simply have challenges seeing or […]

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Accent Eye Care Technology of Our Advanced Eye Care Center | Accent Eyes

The eye is a complex and fragile organ that provides a key sense that we use every day. Having good vision contributes to your productivity in life. At Accent Eyes, our advanced eye care center offers a variety of services that are uniquely designed to fit each patient. Everyone from newborns to the elderly can […]

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