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Indeed, even a speedy look at the sun is typically agonizing and troublesome, so our normal sense is to quickly squint and dismiss. Yet, on the off chance that it’s overcast or foggy, or there’s a sun-based overshadowing occurring, taking a gander at the sun appears to be simpler and feels less agonizing. Be careful, […]

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Blinking assists to maintain the cleanliness of the external layer of the eye. The eye is handily tainted, and in the event that we didn’t have the eyelid there to assist with keeping it clean, we would foster eye diseases considerably more regularly. Flickering likewise assists with flushing new tears and supplements across the outside […]

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Is sitting too close to the TV bad for the eyes? It’s a myth. The fact is, in spite of the fact that guardians have been saying this since the time TVs initially discovered their direction into our homes, there’s no proof that plunking down directly before the TV set harms somebody’s eyes. Children can […]

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Everybody has encountered a consuming sensation and water that radiates from your eyes when you get residue or dirt caught in your eyes. What’s more, in spite of the fact that you might need to rub your eyes or put your fingers on your eyes to eliminate it, that could just cause you more mischief […]

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Accent Eye Care Blurred Vision

The eye permits us to see and expound the shapes, colors, and measurements of objects within the globe by interpreting the light they reflect or produce. The eye is able to see in bright light or in dim light, but it cannot see objects when there's no light. Clear, sharp vision can assist you to […]

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Accent Eye Care Eye Care & Self Care

Excessive use of computers, laptops, televisions, and phones has been rampant these days most especially that people prefer to stay at home rather than going out because of the spreading virus. Most spend their leisure time either working on their laptops, watching movies, playing video games, or scrolling through social media. This excessive exposure to […]

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Accent Eye Care Proper Way to Use Gadgets

Nowadays, almost everyone is using their phones, laptops, computers, and tablets for work, entertainment, and even school. But some of them do not know that how to utilize it appropriately. The abuse of it becomes very dangerous. When you are utilizing your computers don’t go observe it front to front. Utilize your computers seeing the […]

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Accent Eye Care How Video Games Improve Visual Processing

Video games have become rampant in these modern times since it has become easier to acquire digital gadgets. Young children to adults have access to the internet and spend most of their leisure time online. You may have heard of the Gamer Eye Syndrome and its negative effects. Now, let us discuss if Video Games […]

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Accent Eye Care Take Care of Your Eyes

We all know that the eyes are the most important organ in our body. Our eyesight is also one of the most important senses we have. It is our duty to protect our sense of sight to minimize the risk of blindness and other eye diseases. As they always say, our eyes are the windows […]

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Accent Eye Care How the Modern Times Affect the Eyes

Just like any other part of the body, the eyes also need exercise through eye movement in order for them to stay healthy. Our eyes easily move and easily adjust to changes in visual settings and can view near to far moving objects. Before, eyes are used to hunt by spotting potential prey or potential […]

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