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Accent Eye Care Find a Family Vision Care Center That Does It All

Family Vision Care At Accent Eye Care our staff and doctors work tirelessly to provide the perfect family vision care solution for eye care, eye ware, eye exams, and eye therapy. Our vision center offers comprehensive services for all ages so you can keep your families vision in perfect condition. Family vision care services are […]

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No one likes the hassle of glasses and contact lenses; and surgery doesn’t come without it’s own set of reservations. Several years ago it seemed these were your only options for correcting refractive errors. But now a new form of lens correction has surfaced in the optical field of medicine. That is orthokeratology or OrthoK. […]

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  The human eye is a complex organ even when compared to other creatures around the world. Our vision is based around having a ‘camera type eye,’ an organ that focuses light through a film called the cornea, onto a light sensitive membrane called the retina. Being such an intricate and fragile body part, it […]

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