Accent Eye Care Family Vision Care From the Best Optometrist in Phoenix

A Vision Center That Meets All of Your Needs

Your eyes are far more important to your quality of life than you might realize. Everything from focusing in class to playing sports hinges on your ability to see clearly and process that information. Therefore, it’s imperative that you only trust your eyes with the best optometrist in Phoenix.

Perfect for the Whole Family

At Accent Eye Care we take the health and well being of your family as priority. Our vision center is perfect for patients of all ages. We even offer an InfantSEE program for children younger than one year because it’s best to spot potential problems as early as possible. Furthermore, visual therapy can help in school. Parents often don’t realize that most learning disabilities are accompanied by visual issues as well. Many children with ADD or ADHD share the same symptoms such as lack of focus which leads to lower performance in school. Call the best optometrist in Phoenix today to learn how Accent Eye Care can help the whole family!

Detect, Prevent, and Treat Ocular Diseases

Your eyes are very fragile, and can succumb to diseases or other conditions quickly if not properly cared for. Many ocular conditions, like cataracts, are extremely well documented and easily treatable. However, a few, like Macular Degeneration, have no known cause. To minimize the effects of harmful diseases like these schedule routine checkups with the best optometrist in Phoenix at Accent Eye Care. Our Ocular Conditions Center can treat vision problems such as astigmatism, cataracts, conjunctivitis, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, keratoconus, macular degeneration, ocular hyperetension and presbyopia.

Find the Right Lenses For You

Our vision care center carries all of the latest eyeglasses in Phoenix, so you can find the best style for you. We have over 800 different brands for you to choose from including Gucci, Oakley, and many more. Additionally, we have a variety of corrective lenses for both glasses and contacts. Our Phoenix optometrists are the best at what they do, and will help you find the right lenses to fit your needs.