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Cataracts are one of the most common ocular diseases today. While it is primarily age related, many other factors can contribute to clouding the lens. To prevent blurry vision from Cataracts schedule an eye exam with our Phoenix Cataract treatment specialists today at 602.547.3255.

What Exactly Are Cataracts?

To start, Cataracts are generally defined as the clouding of the natural lens of your eye. The lens is responsible for managing the light that enters your retina and pupil so clouding it easily results in blurry vision or even blindness. Most causes are related to natural aging but other causes could include diabetes, drug side affects, ultraviolet radiation, smoking, alcohol, or bad nutrition. Contact our Phoenix physicians today to find out what health choices you can make to prevent cataracts.

Do You Have Cataracts?

Next, Cataracts develop gradually so it’s possible they could go unnoticed. Therefore, regular checkups with your Phoenix optometrist are necessary for maintaining good ocular health. Symptoms to look out for can include:

  • Light sensitivity, such as glare or difficulty seeing at night
  • Blurry or foggy vision
  • Double vision
  • Nearsightedness
  • Difficulty with colors
  • Frequent lens changing for contacts or glasses

Many of these symptoms are common among other conditions so attend regular appointments to make sure you are keeping good eye health.

Phoenix Cataract Treatment Specialists

Finally, Cataracts have a variety of treatments. While most will initially update their lenses to stall the symptoms, Phoenix doctors will usually recommend surgery once they are severely effecting your vision. Surgery carries a negative connotation for most people however, Cataract surgery is one of the most common and successful surgical procedures in the U.S. Over 3 million Americans have Cataract surgery every year and over 90% report restored vision. Our Phoenix Cataract Treatment professionals will work with your surgeon if needed to ensure a safe recovery.