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Accent Eye Care Arizona Vision Therapy for Students and Athletes

What is Vision Therapy? Vision therapy is a form of physical therapy for the eyes and brain that focuses on improving visual skills. Good eyesight requires far more than just visual clarity. We need the muscle memory and integrated skills to control how our eyes behave and process the world around us. Our tactics are […]

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Accent Eye Care How To Read Your Glasses Prescription

Everybody is Wearing Glasses Glasses have become something of a fad at this point, with over 60% of adult Americans wearing them now. They’re definitely in style but you also need them. Having clear vision is far more than just a luxury. Many Americans love and need their prescription glasses to enjoy seeing their visual activities […]

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Accent Eye Care 10 Eye Health Tips To Make Your Clear Vision Last!

Today, more than 60% of all Americans wear eyeglasses. With the increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives we spend most of our time sitting down, in front of a screen, staring. It makes our lives faster and more convenient, but we put our eyes under a lot of unnecessary strain and don’t get […]

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Accent Eye Care Look Your Best and See Your Best with Accent Eyewear!

How Can Vision Affect Your Everyday Life? Sight accompanies you throughout nearly every second of everyday. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep your eyes are working tirelessly to gather and process the information presented to you. Constantly straining your eyes to see distant objects or read a menu gets tedious […]

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Accent Eye Care Our Phoenix Optometrists Will Help You Find the Perfect Contact Lenses

Today, wearing contact lenses is all about choices. Years ago your options were quite limited, but now the market is overflowing with options. However, two options currently dominate the market: rigid gas permeable contact lenses, also known as RGP, and soft contacts. This variety often confuses newcomers, or those looking for corrective contacts. To mitigate […]

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