Accent Eye Care Find a Family Vision Care Center That Does It All

Accent Eye Care Find a Family Vision Care Center That Does It All  Family Vision Care

At Accent Eye Care our staff and doctors work tirelessly to provide the perfect family vision care solution for eye care, eye ware, eye exams, and eye therapy. Our vision center offers comprehensive services for all ages so you can keep your families vision in perfect condition. Family vision care services are versatile ranging from vision testing to rehabilitation to treating disorders. We are truly dedicated to taking care of you and your family.

Kids Vision Testing

Accent Eye Care treats your child’s health with the same quality of care we would anyone else. Recently we acquired the new Pulsoptix Automated Refractor. With this advanced retinal scanning technology we can measure the refraction of both eyes from a distance of one meter in a second. This is perfect for babies or other uncooperative patients.

Detecting Diseases & Disorders

Our state of the art ocular conditions center can detect and treat many conditions among adults and children alike. Some of these conditions include:

  • Astigmatism
  • Cataracts
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Presbyopia
  • Ocular Hypertension
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Dry Eye
  • Keratoconus

Some of these conditions may require surgery depending on their severity. However, most can be treated at our vision therapy center. If you suspect a vision disease or disorder consult with us at our Phoenix office or schedule your family vision examination today.

Ocular Therapy for All Ages

Ocular therapy is very versatile and can help children and adults in many ways.

Learning Disabilities – According to the American Optometric Association, 35-40% of all children with learning disabilities have visual problems as well. Conditions such as ADD or ADHD share many of the same symptoms as visual disabilities. In fact, vision therapy can be used to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Rehabilitation – Our visual rehabilitation services are perfect for all ages. Therapy can strengthen your vision after serious brain trauma, strokes, or other accidents. After any sort of brain trauma you should get a complete eye exam.

Sports Training – One of our specialties here at Accent Eye Care is helping you perform at your optimum level. Our sports therapy regimen can improve coordination, concentration, accuracy, balance, and general motor function.