Accent Eye Care Why You Need Proper Eye Testing and Not Just Visual Screening

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Eye Testing

Routine eye exams and vision screening are perhaps the most important health checkups for your quality of life. However, most people simply pass their screening and don’t think twice about it. The sad fact of the matter is vision screening is not on the same level as eye exams. Here are a few reasons you should choose Accent Eye Care for your routine eye testing.

 Vision Screening Only Detects Surface Issues

Vision screening is not as thorough as proper eye testing. While it is an important part of detecting potential health risks it is only effective at finding problems in your vision. Meaning if you have a condition such as glaucoma it may not be taking affect on your vision yet but it still poses a serious health risk. However, if a problem is detected by one of these screenings then the patient will be referred for further evaluation. Overall a routine vision screening is important, especially at young ages, but it should never replace a proper exam.

Our Advanced Technology Captures More than Conventional Methods

At Accent Eye Care we are pioneering the common use of advanced visual examination and eye testing technology. All of our equipment is a massive improvement upon the previous generations. This allows us to see up to 82% of the retina in one clear display. Compared to the low quality 45 degree view of conventional methods this is a much more accurate way to detect health risks to your eyes.

We Cover Many Other Important Exams

Much of our eye testing equipment is designed with one function in mind to give the most accurate results for that particular function. Technology such as the Pulsoptix Automated Refractor has changed the way we detect disorders in children for the better. In addition, our Spectral Domain technology improves the quality and data acquisition of retinal images so we can diagnose health threats more accurately and quickly.

Eye testing is an essential part of maintaining proper visual health. We implement state of the art technology to deliver accurate results quickly so you can rest easy knowing you and your kids are safe and healthy.