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We all have problems with our vision. Few people are born with a 20/20 vision. Others are born with blurry vision and must get glasses. Are you someone who experiences vision and eye problems? You have come to the right place. At Accent Eyes, we provide exceptional eye care for people like you. Our team of optometrists in Glendale AZ are highly skilled and dedicated to help you get the best eye care. What sets us apart from other eye clinics is that we place our patient’s security and comfort first.


When it comes to our vision services, we are top notch. At Accent Eyes, we offer a variety of vision services for all family members. These include a full selection of glasses and contact lenses as well as eye exams.

Vision Therapy

At Accent Eyes, our Glendale AZ optometrists specialize in vision therapy sessions, a practice that promotes strong coordination and visual acuity. Vision therapy is great for strengthening eye muscles and improving quick, accurate movements. It involved the ocular muscle and supporting their strength and development. In our office, we conduct vision therapy once a week. We cater to each individual’s goals and needs. Furthermore, children with learning disabilities can benefit from the exercises and improve their learning abilities.

Adult Vision Therapy

Although the kids have their own vision therapy, we also offer the adults the same service. Furthermore, this vision therapy will allow adults with disabilities to improve on their reading, writing, and computer abilities with efficiency. For those who is still recovering from serious trauma, vision therapy helps with your motor function capabilities.

Our Glendale AZ optometrists offer many different services including exams, disease and condition testing, pediatric eye care, refractive surgery, and much more. If you are a person who values having your eyes checked, take action and schedule your appointment today.