Accent Eye Care Is Child Vision Therapy Right for Your Kid?

Vision therapy can be a very controversial topic in the field of vision care, especially when it comes to the health and safety of our children. Many optometrists are strong advocates for child vision therapy, but others are not yet convinced. This article will help educate you on the drawbacks and benefits of CVT so you can make the right choice for your child.

What Exactly is Child Vision Therapy?

Effective child vision therapy is not just an exercise or training session. It is an evidence based procedure backed up by neuroscience. Child vision therapy aims to develop neuromuscular control of the brain to improve many binocular and sensory dysfunctions. Our progressive vision therapy program is designed to improve comfort, efficiency, and visual processing. Arrange a visit to our Phoenix eye care office to learn more.

Is Vision Therapy for Your Child?

Vision therapy can correct amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, binocular vision problems, eye movement disorders, and accommodative disorders, among other problems. It has been known to improve sports function as well as treat learning disabilities. It is estimated that about 80% of what we learn is through vision. Therefore, many children who have trouble with school could have a visual disorder along with their learning disability. But most notably, it is used as a form of rehabilitation for strokes, and victims of other serious brain trauma. If your child is experiencing any of these issues, then vision therapy may be perfect for them.

Taking the First Steps

If you think your child needs visual therapy due to some serious trauma or difficulties in school, then the next step is to schedule a routine eye exam with our
Phoenix optometrists. A simple eye screening may show that your child has 20/20 vision, but it won’t always reveal all vision problems. Don’t risk your child’s visual health. Call us today at 602.547.3255 to find out if child vision therapy is right for you.