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Accent Eye Care Healthy Eye Sight

Healthy Eye Sight Our expert team offers a wide variety of healthy eye sight services all tailored to custom fit your eyes. Screening and annual exams are just part of the healthy eye sight service we provide. No matter your age, we can help ensure you see your best. Our healthy eye sight services include […]

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Accent Eye Care What Kind of Eye Doctor is Best for Glendale Family Optometry?

Picking an Optometrist for Your Family The first step to maintaining a life of clear vision is to find the perfect eye care provider. Your doctor should be somebody trustworthy that you and your family are comfortable visiting on a regular basis. Sometimes, finding the right person is simply a matter of asking around. Friends […]

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Accent Eye Care Know the Varieties of Phoenix Eye Doctors | Accent Eye Care

Do you know the different types of Phoenix eye doctors? How do you pick the best one for your needs? There are many different kinds of eye doctors, medical specialties, and sub-specialties. Each of the professions has a slightly different skill set, length of education, State licenses, and training. Among the sea of eye doctors […]

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Accent Eye Care Adjusting to a New Optical Doctor

Getting a new family optical doctor can be tough. You’re used to the way your old optical doctor works, and you now have an unfamiliar face checking your eyes. This can be nerve-racking, especially for young children. Someone new coming into such close contact with them can cause anxiety or fear. There is a Transition […]

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Accent Eye Care Choosing the Right Family Eye Care Center

A trip to the doctor is enough to frighten any child. Shots, strangers, and new places can all be sources of anxiety for little ones, which is why it’s important to choose family healthcare professionals carefully. You want to make sure your kids feel as comfortable as possible in the healthcare offices you bring them […]

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Accent Eye Care 11 Ways Your Eyes Reflect Your Health

What Do Healthy Eyes Look Like? Your eyes play a significant role in first impressions. They are often the first stand-out feature, and offer a quick glimpse at what you may truly be like on the inside. The same goes for your health. Here are 11 ways your eyes might be telling you something is wrong. […]

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Accent Eye Care Know About Computer Vision Syndrome So You Can Fight Back

What is Computer Vision Syndrome? If you work a common desk job, browse social media frequently, or spend your free time gaming you’ve likely already experienced the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS. Also referred to as digital eye strain, CVS is a collection of vision related symptoms that occur during extended computer use. […]

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Accent Eye Care 7 Terrifying Eye Facts | Accent Eye Care

Your eyes are the most complex organ in your body, second only to the brain. With such an intricate architecture, it’s no wonder they’re so significant. There is a lot to discover about the human eye. Here are 6 eye facts that we hope will spark an interest in your ocular health and safety. Vision […]

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Accent Eye Care 10 Eye Health Tips To Make Your Clear Vision Last!

Today, more than 60% of all Americans wear eyeglasses. With the increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives we spend most of our time sitting down, in front of a screen, staring. It makes our lives faster and more convenient, but we put our eyes under a lot of unnecessary strain and don’t get […]

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