At Accent Eye Care, we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality eye care for you and your family. Being the best Phoenix vision center, we offer complete vision services including comprehensive eye exams, vision therapy, ocular disease treatment and many more. Aside from eye health services, we also offer various styles of eyewear because your appearance means a lot to us. You can guarantee that we only use certified techniques and cutting-edge technology in all our vision services.

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a non-surgical method of correcting certain types of vision problems in order to help patients improve their visual skills. It is a series of visual activities which varies from one person to another. Vision therapy can help children, adults, and athletes in improving their visual needs. This treatment is offered in the best Phoenix vision center.

Vision Therapy And Learning Disabilities

The best Phoenix vision center recognizes the great controversy between vision problems and learning disabilities. In fact, optometrists and ophthalmologists have conflicting opinions. Most optometrists suggest that vision therapy can help children with learning disabilities. Most often, children with learning disabilities are also suffering from vision problems. This might be the contributing factor to their learning problems. The optometrists at the best Phoenix vision center believe that learning difficulties associated with vision problems might be treated with optometric vision therapy. Consequently, it can help children improve their learning skills.

Sports Vision Training

Sports vision training provided in the best Phoenix vision center is different from vision therapy. However, it has some qualities that are the same with vision therapy. Optometrists and ophthalmologists who focus on sports vision create individualized vision training programs to help athletes in improving their visual skills for their specific sports. Sports vision training is used by most Olympic and professional athletes to help them perform better.

If you suspect that your child has a vision problem which causes poor performance in school or sports, then the first thing to do is to get an eye exam. You can contact the best Phoenix vision center to schedule an appointment.