Accent Eye Care 5 Things to Know About Your Nearby Contact Exam | Accent Eye Care

The eye is a very important sense organ that provides one with vision. However, for varying reasons, the ability of the eyes to provide good vision diminishes. Many people turn to options like include eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery. These are used to correct the refractive errors such as presbyopia, astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia in the eyes. If you opt for a contact lens to help improve your vision, it is important you undergo a nearby contact exam where an optometrist assesses the health of your eyes before prescribing contacts for you.

Five different parts to a contact exam:

1. Comprehensive eye exam

In order to get a nearby contact lens exam, you first have to go through a comprehensive eye exam. This will check your vision sharpness, prescription strength, eye coordination, and fluid pressure. It can also catch certain conditions such as glaucoma, hypertension, and diabetes.

2. Contact lens preference

The optometrist wants to know your expectations and preferences. Some of these include the need to change or enhance your eye color, to using an overnight contact and to having a daily disposable lens. The optometrist discusses issues regarding comfort and vision.

3. Eye surface measurements

Having a properly fitted contact guarantees both comfort and vision correction. The optometrist takes accurate measurements of your eye. This includes measuring the curvature and the surface of your eye, in addition to the iris and the size of your pupil. All this ensures that your contact lenses provide a proper fit for your eye.

4. Tear film evaluation

Optometrists normally conduct a tear film evaluation if a would-be user or a current wearer has dry eyes. In the case of insufficient tear film that is needed to support the contact lens, the optometrist will discuss other available options.

5. Contact lens fitting

The optometrist fits you with a free trial of contact lenses. By wearing the trial contact lens for a few days, it confirms that it meets your expectations. After this, a full prescription and supply are ordered.

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