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Accent Eye Care Phoenix Eye Specialist

Phoenix Eye Specialist Don’t let the challenge of seeking the best Phoenix eye specialist get you down. Look no further than our talented team at Accent Eyes and you’ll be seeing clearer in no time.  Talented Dedicated Practitioners Here at Accent Eyes Our founding optometrist, Dr. Aleta Gong, is a board certified fellow of the […]

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Accent Eye Care Adjusting to a New Optical Doctor

Getting a new family optical doctor can be tough. You’re used to the way your old optical doctor works, and you now have an unfamiliar face checking your eyes. This can be nerve-racking, especially for young children. Someone new coming into such close contact with them can cause anxiety or fear. There is a Transition […]

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Accent Eye Care Family Vision Care | Exercise and Your Family's Visual Health

Keeping your family healthy and thriving is a common goal, and a good one at that. Health leads to happiness and you want to be as happy as possible. To promote the health of your family, there’s a lot you can do because health extends into many areas of life. Exercise, especially, is extremely helpful […]

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