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Accent Eye Care What is Blepharitis? | Symptoms and Treatment

What is Blepharitis? Blepharitis is a very common condition that affects people of all ages. It creates inflammation and irritation in the eyelids caused by bacteria buildup. This buildup can come from a number of places. For example, eye makeup is a known stimulant of blepharitis, and it’s notorious for following other skin conditions like […]

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Accent Eye Care BlephEx | Dry Eye and Blepharitis Treatment

The reason that the BlephEx treatment is so successful is that it completely removes the exotoxin/lipase/super-antigen laden biofilm along the lid margin. This biofilm has been building up on our patient’s lids for decades, causing low-grade inflammation and slowly tearing down and degrading tear production. For some of you who do BlephEx with us, when […]

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Accent Eye Care 10 Eye Health Tips To Make Your Clear Vision Last!

Today, more than 60% of all Americans wear eyeglasses. With the increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives we spend most of our time sitting down, in front of a screen, staring. It makes our lives faster and more convenient, but we put our eyes under a lot of unnecessary strain and don’t get […]

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Accent Eye Care Accent Eye Care | The Best Eye Care Clinic in Phoenix

Great For Children and Adults! Accent Eye Care provides the best eye care in Phoenix for both children and adults! We take special pride in our family services and even participate in the InfantSEE program so your children under the age of one can receive a one-time free eye exam. Proper eye care is important […]

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Accent Eye Care Find the Best Contacts in Phoenix with Accent Eye Care

For the best contacts in Phoenix come down to our vision center to browse our large selection of prescription lenses and custom contacts. We have a variety of options for vision correction including RGP and Paragon CRT lenses. Call our doctors today at 602.547.3255 to find out what type of lenses are best for you. Why […]

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