Accent Eye Care Sports Visual Therapy

Has your game been off recently? Does it seem like you are reacting slower, can’t trace the ball, or you are struggling with hand-eye coordination? Well don’t beat yourself up over it. This may be due to something out of your control. In recent studies vision has been linked directly to many different aspects of sports including reaction times, hand-eye coordination, peripheral awareness, and more. Find out today what a visual therapist could do to give you that extra edge over the competition or get you back into your competitive groove.


How Are Your Eyes Controlling You?

If you are having trouble keeping your eye on the ball it may be time for a routine checkup with your optometrist. Your eyes are responsible for many different functions during all of your athletic endeavors. From reaction times to peripheral awareness, your eyes do it all. Proper care and damage prevention are imperative for your success as an athlete.

Accent Eye Care Sports Visual Therapy

Sports Visual Therapy

Sports visual therapy is a training process built with the intent of developing and optimizing skills that are important to athletes. Our goal in this regimen is to improve coordination, concentration, accuracy, balance, and even more pivotal skills. Enhanced visual processing also directly effects motor function as well, granting you that physical edge you have been looking for.

Injury Visual Therapy

In the world of competitive sports an injury or two is inevitable. While your eyes may not be directly affected, visual rehabilitation could be necessary for any brain trauma such as a stroke or concussion. You should have a complete eye exam as soon as you suspect any brain injury to prevent further damage. We offer several different types of visual training to help retrain, strengthen, and sharpen your vision.

Accent Eye Care offers a variety of services designed to prevent injury, rehabilitate your eyes, and improve your vision overall. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or if you are just looking for a competitive edge then sports visual therapy may be for you.