Accent Eye Care Orthokeratology: What Is It and How Can It Help You?

Many think that glasses, contacts, or ocular surgery are the only way to treat vision imperfection. However, recent advancements have allowed for other forms of refractive correction to take over. Orthokeratology, or OrthoK, is a non-surgical procedure that takes advantage of RGP contacts to reshape the surface of the cornea. It is a very safe and effective method that can eliminate the need for contacts during the day. Call Accent Eye Care today at 602-547-3255 to find out if RGP contacts are the right choice for you!

The OrthoK Process

The Orthokeratology process begins with a one to two week long adjustment period. During this time you will need to wear the GP lenses at night, and disposable soft lenses during the day. Once the adjustment period is over you can wear only the GP lenses at night. Soon you will see well during the day with no need for contacts. In some cases patients only need to wear the lenses once a week to receive the effects. During treatment it is important to exercise safety and hygiene. Therefore, you should schedule routine meetings with your optometrist and clean the lenses regularly; this will help prevent infection.

How Can Orthokeratology Help You?

There are many benefits associated with OrthoK. It is primarily used to treat Myopia (nearsightedness), but some lenses are designed for Presbyopia (farsightedness) as well. Orthokeratology is also very beneficial to children, and athletes that are consistently active because they don’t need to wear glasses or contacts. The most important benefit however, is the freedom of lens-less daytime vision.

Is Orthokeratology Right For You?

Orthokeratology is a safe process that can benefit nearly anyone with progressive Myopia. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 as well as adolescents and adults are all great candidates for OrthoK. However, the best results are from patients under the age of 40 with low to mild nearsightedness. If you have dry eye, large pupils, or severe Myopia then OrthoK is not recommended. If OrthoK is a treatment you are interested in then contact your Phoenix eyecare doctor today at 602-547-3255 to learn more.