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Accent Eye Care Blephex - Healthy Lids for Life

A unique new therapy in the management of blepharitis and dry eye disease, microblepharoexfoliation (the active ingredient of BlephEx®) provides a means to remove eyelash debris, accumulated lid scurf and bacterial biofilm which are known drivers of ocular surface inflammation. Now, thanks to BlephEx®, your eye doctor can precisely and safely, clean and exfoliate your […]

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Accent Eye Care New Optical Technology

We have thousands of new frames in stock, including the new Wiley X high velocity protective eyewear for riding, working, and playing. Also, check out eyewear from our latest new vendor, FENDI. Need a quality fit? We use the latest optical tech to provide the highest quality fit available. While you are in our office, […]

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Accent Eye Care InfantSEE

Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision Therapy offers a wide range of family vision care that isn’t just for adults. Dr. Gong, a founding committee member of the InfantSEE program, (a no-cost, public, infant eye care service to all patients between the ages of 6 and 12 months), provides excellent infant care in Arizona and […]

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Accent Eye Care More Than A Typical Visual Screening

More Than a Typical Visual Screening Many times, eye care for children is overlooked. This may happen because a child’s vision seems to be normal and he or she does not complain about their eyes. In many cases, eye care for children at schools does not catch vision problems such as eye coordination, tracking and […]

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Accent Eye Care Misdiagnosed Learning Problems

The diagnosis of ADD and ADHD is constantly increasing in the range of learning problems for children. The problem is many symptoms found in ADD/ADHD are common to vision based learning problems. Studies show that 1 in 5 children suffer from eye teaming or focusing deficits which make remaining on task for long periods of […]

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