Accent Eye Care New Optical Technology

We have thousands of new frames in stock, including the new Wiley X high velocity protective eyewear for riding, working, and playing. Also, check out eyewear from our latest new vendor, FENDI. Need a quality fit? We use the latest optical tech to provide the highest quality fit available.

While you are in our office, find out more about our sale on second/additional pairs of glasses and up to 60 percent off select frames (certain restrictions apply).

We now offer new lens technology that can protect eyes from both UV light and blue light. Why is this important? Studies have shown that blue light affects ocular health and melatonin levels within our bodies. However, if a person stares into a laptop computer, a high-def TV, or their smart phone, they will be exposed to an excessive amount of blue light, thereby affecting a person’s sleep patterns. New lens technology like blue light lenses can filter out blue light, thereby protecting ocular and overall health. These UV and blue light lenses can be fitted into a number of the frames we sell at our facility. Every product we have utilizes advanced optical tech that will get you back on the path to better vision.