Accent Eye Care More Than A Typical Visual Screening

More Than a Typical Visual Screening

Many times, eye care for children is overlooked. This may happen because a child’s vision seems to be normal and he or she does not complain about their eyes. In many cases, eye care for children at schools does not catch vision problems such as eye coordination, tracking and aiming skills, focusing flexibility, and vision related learning problems.

The reason is because reading requires the integration of a number of different vision skills: visual acuity, visual fixation, accommodation, binocular fusion, convergence, field of vision, and form perception. Of these, usually only one is checked by the typical school-issued child eye exam.


Treating reading-related vision problems

This office examines these vision skills and determines how well the child’s vision functions by using them together. When a vision problem is diagnosed, we can prescribe glasses, vision therapy, or both. The services we provide are above and beyond the eye exam for your child at school.

Vision therapy has proven to be quite effective in treating reading-related vision problems. It involves an individualized program of training procedures designed to help a child acquire or sharpen vision skills that are necessary for reading and everyday tasks.

Be sure to ask about our comprehensive developmental examination and further specialized testing, rather than just a routine child eye exam.