Accent Eye Care All You Need To Know About Presbyopia | Phoenix Presbyopia Treatment

What is presbyopia?

Simply put, Presbyopia is age related farsightedness: The blurring of near vision that occurs naturally with age, beginning at around 40 years on average. It can make daily activities like reading, writing, and using technology difficult and sometimes even painful if you’re straining your eyes to see. Although bothersome, presbyopia is natural and common.


Presbyopia occurs with age as the lens of your eye begins to stiffen. Typically, your eye lens is flexible, enabling it to stretch and contract to focus on objects at different distances. Over time, the lens hardens and becomes less flexible, making it harder to focus, especially on close-up objects. While practically all adults experience Presbyopia eventually, there are genetic factors that can cause it to occur sooner or more severely.


There are many telltale symptoms of Presbyopia including:

• Blurred vision at typical reading distances
• Holding reading material unusually far away
• Increased blurriness when trying to read in the dark or with dim lighting
• Eye strain or headaches after reading or working on something close for a long period of time


There are a few possible Phoenix presbyopia treatments. Patients with this condition can use contacts or glasses to help them see more clearly. Glasses with progressive or bifocal lenses or reading glasses are the recommended options for presbyopia patients. If you wear contact lenses you can talk to our opticians about multifocal or monovision lenses. Near distance lenses can be prescribed to either one eye or both depending on the circumstances. Some people prefer monovision if each of their eyes is stronger at a different distance, but others may experience a loss of depth perception with this treatment.

An alternative to glasses and contacts for presbyopia treatments in Phoenix is surgery. Eye surgery can be done to correct this vision issue and make daily activities easier. One surgery involves the implantation of a corneal inlay, which increases the eye’s ability to focus. Other surgeries used as Phoenix presbyopia treatments are refractive lens exchange, NearVisionCK, Monovision LASIK, and PresbyLASIK.