Accent Eye Care The Benefits of Vision Therapy at Accent Eye Care of Phoenix

When a muscle needs recuperation, you go to physical therapy, but what happens if your eye muscles need help? Some eye conditions can make daily activities difficult, but vision therapy is meant to help. Accent Eye Care in Phoenix specializes in vision therapy, which can have many positive effects on the eyes. Accent’s eye doctors work with patients to exercise their eyes and brain to move towards long-term eye benefits.

Non Surgical Vision Enhancement

Vision therapy is a program of vision procedures that aims to retrain the learned behaviors of the eyes in order to improve function. Treatments are progressive, meaning that they change throughout the duration of the therapy based on the progress of each individual patient. This form of vision treatment is ideal for patients with lazy eyes, double vision, and crossed eyes among other conditions, and is done with the guidance of an eye doctor and without the use of medications of surgeries. The absence of pills and operations can make vision therapy a great option for children, though it is a great choice of treatment for adults as well.

The Therapy Process

The eye doctors at Accent Eye Care of Phoenix have experience in vision therapy and will be there every step of the way to guide vision therapy exercises. As the treatment continues with time, patients can see improvement in the condition of their eyes based on in-office and at-home exercises. Helpful tools like balance boards, prisms, and filters may be used to help obtain desired results based on each patient’s specific eye conditions.

Benefits of Vision Therapy

With vision therapy, symptoms of certain conditions can be lessened, and the quality of patients’ lives can be bettered just with the help of exercises with eye doctors. If you’re interested in pursuing vision therapy or just want more information about the process, trust the knowledge of Phoenix’s Accent Eye Care. Their doctors understand vision therapy and are always prepared to help.